What is ORGANICA Token?

Welcome to ORGANICA World

What is ORGANICA Token?

Our vision and mission

ORGANICA TOKEN is conceived as a link between organic production, old varieties of fruits and vegetables, small self-sustaining family households, and the new digital age that comes. For us, these two worlds are not in contradiction. We think that by using both smartly in the appearance of opposing things, one can build a better, more just and more valuable environment for everyone, as well as a general improvement in the lives of people and their other flora and fauna around us.

ORGANICA Token is conceived as a means of trade, a tool for stimulating small goods in its visions, supporting small alternative projects …

The production of healthy organic food, microcluster, organic conservation, sustainable agriculture … in our opinion is the obligation of all of us.

ORGANICA Token is conceived as our little contribution to all off this. To that end, our plan is to establish ORGANICA INCUBATOR, a place that will give a burden to all who want to share our ideas and visions with us, in any place in the world.

For the reason we will introduce the ORGANICA AMBASSADORS.

Our plan is to create a global PLATFORM, ORGANICA stock exchange, a place where it will be traded with organic products on a global scale, where the payment instrument will be ORGANICA Token!

To start the production of microcluster water, memory lines that beneficially and medicinally affect the entire human organism

To form the ORGANIC BASE OF SEED, in which the old organic cooperatives will be kept from their meridians, Our supply to future generations.

We will support small independent producers working on alternative energy sources, as well as the massive use of renewable energy, and fight fossil fuels. We also support the fight against chemicals in the food industry as well as the general uprising against GMO food, which we see as the greatest threat to human health.

All of the above has contributed to the formation of a small team and the launch of the ORGANICA Token project. Digital money, based on WAVES blockchain technology, which will be our engine in the realization of these ideas.

Best regards

Ivica Rajović – Raja

Founder & CEO


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